Smart Sustainability

A Healthier Workplace For People and the Environment

Capitol Tower embodies Skanska's deeply held commitment to contribute to a greener society. At Skanska, we harness technologies that make buildings more resource efficient, healthier and better equipped to serve our tenants and their employees in the future.

As part of our commitment to help advance green building technology, Capitol Tower has been designated as a beta project for the new LEED v4 certification and is pre-certified LEED Platinum under this version. Designed to reduce the environmental footprint and to encourage optimal energy and water use, it is one of only a few buildings in the country and the only one in Houston in this program.

Among the many sustainable design innovations you'll find in Capitol Tower are:

  • A targeted 25% reduction in energy usage compared to baseline buildings.
  • District Cooling: Chilled water, generated at EnWave’s redundant off-site district central plant, offers lower cooling costs, less over-time HVAC service, unlimited service capacity and reduction in engineering staff and infrastructure.
  • Daylight Dimming Controls: Based on available sunlight, controls automatically adjust lighting in select areas, lowering the electric power demand, reducing thermal load and increasing energy savings.
  • High Performance Building Envelope: High quality insulated glass and vertical shading devices provide thermal insulation to reduce heat gain.
  • Energy Recovery Wheel: Pre-cools fresh air before it enters the mechanical system, requiring less energy to cool and condition the building.
  • Demand Control Ventilation System: CO2 sensors reduce energy waste by monitoring/regulating the amount of fresh air supplied based on occupancy level.
  • Rainwater Collection System: Rainwater is captured for toilet and irrigation use, lowering water costs.
  • Green Roof: Indigenous plantings atop the parking garage manage storm water runoff, improve the thermal envelope and enhance views of roof areas for tenants.

A building is more than its individual features or its LEED rating. However, the best of them, like Capitol Tower, are magnets for business, catalysts for growth and a source of tenant and civic pride.


Abundant plants, natural lighting and seating areas create a lively, inviting gathering place.